Luis Enrique: ‘The objective is to start with the intention of winning all the points’

Luis Enrique appreciated this Thursday’s match against the Germany team in Spain’s debut in the second edition of the Nations League. The Spanish coach highlighted the ambition with which his team faces this competition against a tough rival.

Same ambition

The goal is to start with the clear intention of winning all the points. that is the goal we set ourselves. There are few games and we cannot afford losses.

Renewal of the Selection

I am not concerned with this process. For different reasons, we have to go looking for solutions. We are a country that has won many titles, Spanish football is at a high level. I have to benefit from it. I don’t pay attention to whether the players have come many times or not. We will see the players that best suit the idea I have. From what I see that I have a large group of players, not only the selected ones, I do not close the doors to anyone.

Adama can come

He had a dubious result before he came and right now it is clear that he will not be able to be. The doctors say that for the next game he can come. We are not going to risk the health of our players.

Central shortage

Maybe the culprit is me. It is the position that perhaps I demand the most. You have to be good at attacking, good at defending. I think there is room for improvement in many players. I will keep testing until I find what I think is best for my team.

Goalkeeper with more guarantees

The three goalkeepers who have come, adding Pau, I am delighted with all four. Everyone can play. They know how to take criticism and I see them ready to compete. The one who has to like it is me.

Physical state of the players

It has conditioned until the call. It consoles me that it is for all the selectors. We will try to adapt in the best way. See what state the players arrive in. In our case, the pace has been very high. Improper than it should be by now. My players have arrived in optimal conditions to compete.

Game idea

My style I think everyone knows what I’m after and what kind of game I like. I made my debut against England and we didn’t go out to speculate. Tomorrow we will do the same. To have the ball, to be protagonists … I will not change.

German success and level of German coaches

There are times when these semifinals (Champions, Europa League) are taken by teams of the same nationality. The level of technicians in Europe has risen considerably. Germans are top, like Spaniards, Italians … The style depends on each coach. The German team will not surprise us because it is one of the European powers despite the renewal. We see the level of his players and his team. She will be a favorite in this Nations League and in all the competitions she plays.

‘Modern’ football

I don’t like that matches go back and forth, a crazy match. I prefer my team to dominate the game. If I wanted to, I would have selected other players. We have players to play the way we want.

The dates of this Nations League

I love playing an official match against Germany. Surely there are club coaches who will criticize that there are now these games. It seems like a successful tournament. If there were more dates for the players to rest, I would also like.