Luis Enrique: ‘Kosovo is a brave and daring team’

Spain receive Kosovo this Wednesday (8:45 p.m.) at The Cartuja in what will be their third match of the qualifying round for the Qatar World Cup 2022, and this Tuesday, in the previous duel, the coach Luis Enrique Martinez He warned about the dangers of the rival. “It is a different team than Greece or to Georgia in the sense that it presses high and very hard. They are daring, brave and try to play. It is a selection that I like because it dares to take risks. Beyond a tip that holds the ball well in the face (Muriqi) and players in the midfielder with conditions (Berisha and Rashica), I expect a difficult opponent. It will be a complicated game and that is how I have transmitted it to my players, ”said‘ Lucho ’in his telematic appearance before the press.

If you do not know how to accept and live with criticism, you cannot be a professional soccer player or coach

The Red comes from tying before Greece and win in Georgia with a goal from Dani Olmo in the added time, but Luis Enrique He is calm in the face of the criticism that could have come due to the tight results. “If you don’t know how to accept and live with criticism, you can’t be a professional soccer player or coach. I focus on my work and trying to help my players. Nobody wins easily. It costs a lot. Due to the expectations generated by the 6-0 ante Germany it might seem that it was going to be like this. No problem. The important thing is to win tomorrow and a little negativity does not hurt either so that people are more attentive. As for Georgia, the tension of the party itself distorts reality many times. From the position in which we see the coaches, football is seen relatively little. After watching the game, my reflection is positive. I thought the first part had been worse. Yes we sin not to influence too much in their area, but it is logical that it happens before teams that are locked up. In the second, the wear of the first made us have more chances and I think we took the game in a fair way, “said the coach.

I see Jordi Alba in one of his best versions and I’m happy with him

In the individual section, when asked by the azulgrana Jordi Alba, who has returned to the national team after a year and a half of absence, was delighted. “It is in the same line that I have seen in the Barça in recent months. Very decisive in the offensive phase and very attentive in the defensive. I have seen it in one of its best versions and I am satisfied and happy; looking forward to continuing like this, “he said.

On the other hand, he spoke about Gerard Moreno, who has lost the matches against Greece and Georgia for inconvenience. “Once we did the tests and we saw that there was no injury (of the hamstrings), there was no reason for him to abandon the concentration. But from there to taking risks for the minutes it takes to accumulate we have decided that until I had no discomfort I would not play. The day before yesterday and yesterday he trained perfectly, today (Tuesday) we will see how it is, and if he does well, it is normal for him to be on the list, “he said, while holding Sergio Ramos is well and would also be available for the match against Kosovo after not playing against Georgia.

By last, Luis Enrique He celebrated the fact of not having a closed ‘eleven’ and a multitude of alternatives for it. “I have 24 players in the locker room and anyone could play. For me that is more important than having only 11. All opinions are respectable, but mine is that ”, he concluded‘Fought‘.