Luis Enrique: ‘It was the calmest penalty shootout of my life’

When Mikel
Oyarzabal converted the final penalty for the Spanish team, the smile was drawn again on the face of Luis Enrique. The Asturian, the true leader of this team, nevertheless confessed that during the round he was calm because everything was done.

“I have lived the calmest batch of my life because everything was worked and could not be done more”, he commented Luis Enrique which, in addition, now endorses what he said before starting the tournament: “I said from the beginning that we were one of the eight teams that we chose, without exaggerating. Now we are one of the best four ”.

Likewise, Fought revealed that, before the shootout, he saw his players with great confidence. “I have told them that it did not matter what happened after the penalties because I know they are an outstanding team. We did not start in the best way but I knew they were very confident ”.

A trust that, on the other hand, did not want to give or Pau Torres nor to Pedri to whom he confessed that he retired from the field in the final minutes thinking about penalties. “At the beginning you don’t plan penalties because you start a starting eleven without thinking that there is going to be a shootout but then the entry of Thiago and Rodri for Pau Y Pedri yes, it was a tactic, although they were the ones who had the confidence ”.

And beyond that, Luis Enrique he also had the opportunity to send a message to critics about Morata and came out in defense of his player putting one of the failures of Gerard Moreno: “Luckily today it has failed GerardIf he becomes Morata, you impale him ”, commented the coach with his personal humor.