Luis de Lama opens the door to a possible return to ‘Pasapalabra’

He has been one of the most prominent contestants in ‘Pass word‘, And shortly we could see him again in the legendary Antena 3 contest.

Luis de Lama left the door open in the last hours upon his return taking advantage of the commemoration of the anniversary of the program.

I want to thank you for letting me be part of your family during this year and for having made me have such a good time when I went to record. I miss everyone who is part of the program. You are very old, I had a great time. With Roberto Leal I had a great time, it was a lot of fun. It has been a pleasure to share all these hours with you, I was going for a while and in the end it was four months that will be recorded for a lifetime ”he said in a video recorded from his home.

Hopefully those moments will be repeated at some point and I can enjoy again each and every one of you who make up ‘Pasapalabra’. I miss the laughs so much. For me, ‘Pasapalabra’ was not a television program, it was an amusement park that I was going to enjoy. It also allowed me to meet mythical people like Andrés Pajares. Studying has been worth it, regardless of the money you have been able to earn. Also, after finishing the program, things have happened and people have responded, they have continued pushing, they have called me, they have worried and that is not from a television program, it is from a real family ”, concluded Luis de Lama.