Luis de la Fuente, ‘tired’ of Italy’s tough game

Luis de la Fuente, the Spanish U21 coach, was “tired” of the kind of tough game that Italy proposed in this Saturday’s match (0-0) “exceeding the limits of the regulation” and judged that it was a pity that they did not want to “play soccer”.

“The truth that tires. But that’s what the referees are for, to prevent or control that these situations do not occur repeatedly. It tires you, it outrages you that you try to propose football weapons in a match that could be a final of a european championship and that others try to do another type of football exceeding the limits of the regulation and that it is not interpreted that way. It tires me. The players have their pride and they are taken out of their boxes ”, an angry Luis de la Fuente commented at a press conference.

Asked by EFE, he analyzed the mood of the soccer players: “The players were upset. They used weapons that are not the most sporty. They were very indignant, I don’t know if as much as I was. I have tried to explain to them that this is the case and that the situation we have is fantastic because we depend on us ”.

Despite the anger, the coach wanted to give value to the point achieved: “We are satisfied. I am very happy with the performance of the team. Very happy for the professionalism and maturity of the team. We have reissued the game of two years ago against a team that did not want to play and that has played their extra-sports weapons to the limit of the regulations. Another wanted to play and has tried everything. We depend on ourselves, I don’t want to talk about the draw being worth us; we will win and then it will be what it has to be. We have been very superior and we have given a very good image ”, he declared.

In addition, Luis de la Fuente analyzed the expulsion of Oscar Mingueza in the last minutes and confirmed that they will appeal it: “Nothing has happened. It is appreciated that Oscar does not touch the Italian player at all, he is caused by the Italian player. The referee has thought that he had repelled the previous aggression and has sent him off. It is clearly appreciated that Mingueza only gets up and nothing else ”.

“Nothing happens for them to sanction him. The idea is to appeal that expulsion and we will see how far it goes and if they see the same situation that all of us see ”, he added.

Finally, at EFE’s question, he analyzed the health status of Zubimendi, who was replaced again due to rib problems: “It was another blow to the area that was already sore and has a lot of pain right now. He is a very strong boy, a great professional and I am sure that he will be available for the next game ”, he commented.