Luis de la Fuente, ambitious: ‘We feel capable of fighting for the maximum’

Luis de la Fuente, Spanish Under-21 coach, remarked, after announcing the list of 23 players for the second phase of the European Under-21 in which they are defending the title, that the team feels capable “of fighting for the maximum.” and pointed to the usual good atmosphere in the dressing room as the key to getting the title.

“We feel capable of fighting for the maximum. That is what I want to convey. I am convinced that we have a good football level and I insist that we are prepared to compete for the maximum, “he said at a press conference.

“The key word is illusion. The players arrive with great enthusiasm. Team, group, family… this is what I want you to understand and I am very calm for everyone who is here ”, he added.

A call that has the great novelty of the return of Bryan Gil, after being summoned with the absolute during the previous stoppage of selections.

“It is a joy that he is with us again. It is always important that players return who have a very important level and who improve the level we already have. We were very happy to see how he grew participating with the absolute and now we have to enjoy it. Surely he comes with great enthusiasm because he feels like a participant in this group ”, he commented when asked by EFE.

In addition, six new faces appear on the list compared to the initial one given for the first phase, although Yeremy Pino already participated after Mateu Morey’s injury at the last minute. He and his teammate in Villarreal, Fer Niño, will join “as quickly as possible” after the dispute of the final of the Europa League next Wednesday, while his teammates will concentrate on Tuesday, May 25.

“You have to make decisions at specific times. It is very complex to make a list. Fundamentally for the moment, the feelings, the state of the players and for a subjective vision that makes me make the decisions that I have to make. Fundamentally they are the moments. I recognize and appreciate that the players who have not come and were in the previous one were perfectly trained. It is their moment and we are convinced that we have a great team ”, he said about the changes.

Regarding the absences, he valued that of Dani Gómez, who scored the double against the Czech Republic (2-0) in the group stage that gave Spain the ticket to the quarterfinals of the European Under-21.

“We will always miss Dani Gómez. These are difficult circumstances to explain. Moments and sensations that incline you to make a decision, but I am sure that the rest of the teammates will perform at a very high level. They do not have to make anyone forget, simply to live up to what is asked of them and they will show that they are great footballers ”, he declared.

In addition, Luis de la Fuente, also an Olympic coach, avoided answering whether he will have Sergio Ramos on the list for the Japanese event from July 22 to August 7: “We are not going to talk about the Games. The event at hand is important enough to talk about the Olympic Games; we will talk when this European passes ”, he replied.