Luis César: ‘When you go back to a club it’s because you have done well’

Luis Cesar Sampedro, new coach of the CD Lugo, assured in his presentation that if he has returned to the Galician team, with which he achieved the best classification in his history in Second division in the middle of the past decade, it’s because he did “well.”

“It is a beautiful moment. When you have the possibility of returning to a club where you worked it is because it has done well for you, so it is a satisfaction and joy to return. I want to give my best, get the best out of each player and that the Lugo is as high as possible “, he commented in a telematic press conference in the Carriage width together with the club president.

Luis César indicated that he knows the squad “at a football and human level” and recalled that in football “there are no magic potions.”

“I will seek to win. There are no good and bad ways, each one uses the tools as he sees fit. You will see what I try to do. I want my team to be better than the rivals,” he said.

The coach indicated that coaches are “like a roller coaster” that can go “well, regular or badly” and said that during “this time” without training, since he was dismissed last season by Deportivo in the holidays Christmas, he focused on “learning things and looking for ideas, methods and more material to progress” and “grow in all aspects”.

The Galician coach warned that he will try to make a “stable” Lugo, with players who are “experts in forgetting” the last result, be it good or bad, and focus on “working”.

“In the absence of 14 games, I opt for everything,” he said regarding the objectives that lie ahead in this new stage that will continue, if he fulfills the contract, until the conclusion of the next year.

At his side, the president of Lugo, Tino Saqués, considered that “one of the coaches who has obtained the best numbers in Lugo” is “returning” to the team.

“The decision of Luis César, agreed with Lugo, to land here is given by the knowledge of the club, because we know him and because of the easy adaptation he will have, in addition to the fact that he will work with a coaching staff that he he knows well. It’s going to be like going back to the family, “he said.

The rojiblanco leader hoped that the coach “hit the key” and the team could “finish the season without much trouble.”