Lugo defeats Cartagena and flees from the relegation zone

A double of Gerard Valentine gave to Lugo victory before him Cartagena (2-1) and took the Galician team out of relegation positions in the absence of a matchday for the conclusion of the season.

The first goals of the former player of Sports This season, the second starting from his field, may be key to the salvation of Lugo, who will have to confirm it in Vallecas.

Nothing was gambled on Cartagena, saved after having achieved four victories in the five games prior to his visit to the Carriage width, and everything put into play the Lugo. The tranquility of the visitors against the nerves, fears and tension of the locals, sensations that were transferred to the pitch.

Possession went to those of Luis Carrion, although in the first quarter of an hour they barely had a shot from Panamanian Adalberto Carrasquilla who went high.

The LugoLittle by little, he let go and found the goal at 19 minutes in one of his first offensive actions, a corner kick with three shots, two off the crossbar in two heads by Xavi Torres and Manu Barreiro, and the final one by Gerard Valentín at the back of the net to get the rojiblancos out of relegation positions.

The locals took a step back; the Cartagena, no. In a foul, Rubén Castro, with a header, forced Cantero to stretch to the maximum to clear a corner and another header, this time from Datkovic, in another corner kick, again committed Rubén Albés’s men.

The chances of the Cartagena players continued to arrive at set pieces in the second half, as in a lateral foul that ended with a shot by José Ángel, against four opponents, above Lugo’s goal.

The Galicians were unable to defend with the ball far from their goal. It condemned them to suffer in defense, but it benefited them when attacking. Almost at meeting time, in one of those vertiginous outings, Hugo Rama put Marc Martínez to the test with a shot from the front, but the one that triumphed was the next.

The play will be remembered in the Carriage width, especially if it serves to tie the permanence. He was born in a corner in favor of Cartagena, Gerard Valentín set cruising speed, made three changes of pace against Delmás and, although he was accompanied by ‘Puma’, he sought individual action and resolved it correctly.

The normal thing is that Cartagena lowered its arms or that Lugo sought to sleep the game, but no. The two teams kept the recipe, the locals got together in their own field and those of Carrión got into the game with a very tight thread from José Ángel after several touches from the team in the area that angered Cantero.

The Lugo He was more practical in the last minutes of the match and, not without suffering, with a save from Cantero in the discount, he sealed the victory that allows him to depend on himself on the last day.

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2-Lugo: Stonemason; Campabadal, Venancio, Alende (Juanpe Jiménez, m.46), Luis Ruiz; Seoane, Xavi Torres; Gerard Valentín (Chris Ramos, m.76), Hugo Rama (Borja Domínguez, m.79), ‘Puma’ Rodríguez (Cristian Herrera, m.75); and Manu Barreiro (Carrillo, m.93).

1-Cartagena: Marc Martínez; Delmás, Datkovic, Andújar, Forníes (Coulibaly, m.86); Nacho Gil, Adalberto Carrasquilla (Teddy, m.73), José Ángel (Azeez, m.86), Cayarga (Elady, m.61); Rubén Castro and de Blasis.

Goals: 1-0, M.19: Gerard Valentín. 2-0, M.67: Gerard Valentín. 2-1, M.72: José Ángel.

Referee: Ortiz Arias, from the Madrid Committee. He showed yellow to Quindimil (m.41), who was on the bench, Luis Ruiz (m.60), by Lugo; and De Blasis (m.86), from Cartagena. He expelled an assistant from Lugo (m.94).

Incidents: Match of the forty-first day of LaLiga SmartBank played at Anxo Carro before 1,047 spectators (limited capacity). Before the match, a minute’s silence was observed by Francesc Arnau, former footballer and sports director of Oviedo.