Lugo assaults Vallecas, but Rayo will be in the playoffs

A goal from Manu Barreiro penalty at 41 minutes allowed the Lugo take the victory of Vallecas (0-1) and achieve permanence taking advantage of the offensive ineffectiveness of the Lightning, to which the defeat of Sporting with Almería allows him to play the promotion as sixth place.

The urgencies due to the different objectives of one and the other, which forced them to win in order not to depend on third parties, led to a very energetic duel in which both sought the goal from the beginning.

The one who came closest to opening the scoring was the Lugo. First with a shot by Canella that went over the crossbar and then with a shot from Manu Barreiro with seemingly little danger he touched Saveljich and forced Luca Zidane to react with a stretch to clear the ball.

These two actions by Lugo contrasted with the dominance of Rayo, who led the offensive initiative of the game, especially by the wingers Isi Palazón and Álvaro García, and with the overflow shown by the Peruvian side Luis Advíncula, but again suffered from depth to supply Yacine Qasmi with balls.

A play of apparently little danger in the 41st minute ended with a Fran García foul on Gerard Valentín inside the area. Manu Barreiro, from eleven meters, tricked Luca Zidane to give Lugo an advantage.

In the second half the Lightning He kept looking for the goal and was able to find it with a header from Santi Comesaña that crashed on the crossbar and that brought fear to the body of a Lugo who, by then, was already trusting his entire game in actions against him.

The entrance of the Portuguese Baby allowed the Lightning Gaining speed and, above all, daring, a quality that the offensive players of the Madrid team missed, who ended up desperate because they could not overcome the defensive tangle of the Lugo players.

With the victory of Almería in Gijón, that the players of the Lightning met on the lawn, the suffering transferred to the Lugo, who until the final whistle defended himself with all his weapons to add a triumph that was worth gold.

(+) Summary of Rayo Vallecano – Lugo

0 – Rayo Vallecano: Luca Zidane; Advíncula, Saveljich, Catena, Fran García (Andrés Martín, m.71); Valentín (Pozo, d.60), Comesaña; Isi Palazón (Baby, m.60), Trejo (Guerrero, m.86), Álvaro García; and Qasmi (Ulloa, m.71).

1 – Lugo: Stonemason; Campabadal, Venancio, Xavi Torres (Borja Domínguez, m.74), Alende, Canella; Gerard Valentín (Juampe, m.74), Seoane, Hugo Rama (Chris Torres, m.74), ‘Puma’ Rodríguez (Christian Rodríguez, m.45); and Manu Barreiro.

Goal: 0-1, m.41: Manu Barreiro, from a penalty.

Referee: Juan Luis Pulido Santana (Las Palmas Committee). He admonished Andrés Martín (80), from Rayo; and Canella (93) from Lugo.