Lugo and Sporting freeze in the Anxo Carro

Lugo and Sporting de Gijón froze their football at Anxo Carro, where they played with very low temperatures, around zero degrees, the same figure that ended the score (0-0), a result that allows the Galicians to stretch their series of games without losing at home since Mehdi Nafti took over as the bench.

Sporting, which has not won away from home in the League since the end of October, presented a quite recognizable line-up despite the nine casualties due to coronavirus with which it faced the game and that it did not accuse excessively.

At the start, David Gallego relied on the speed of his attackers to hurt the Lugo players. In one of those offensive transitions, after the quarter hour, Aitor García drove on the left, assisted Cumic and the Serbian forced Cantero to intervene, who stopped in two halves.

Locals had a hard time getting warm. It took them 25 minutes to appear for the first time with danger to the dominions of Cuban Christian Sánchez with a center from Gerard Valentín that Carrillo dropped in the area and that the striker finished with a Chilean who deflected the goalkeeper to a corner.

The Asturians, more intoned, once again intimidated Nafti’s men after half an hour with a long pass from the rear that Djurdjevic picked up in three quarters of attack. The forward overcame Venancio’s opposition, but could not beat Cantero, who cleared with his foot and face to avoid the goal.

At halftime, Nafti left Valentín in the locker room and brought El Hacen in to reinforce the center of the field, where the battle was centered at Anxo Carro, with little football and even fewer chances.

David Gallego, who only had three players with a first-team card on the bench, waited for the last quarter of an hour to introduce the first swap, just before Lugo brushed the goal after Saúl García’s overconfidence in the area from Sporting, where Chris Ramos stole his wallet and Christian Sánchez saved his team.

The game began to make the Gijón team long and at 82 minutes the VAR intervened to confirm a goal disallowed by El Hacen for offside in a lateral foul that Hugo Rama executed, Juanpe combed and headed the Mauritanian. Shortly after, Juanpe had to request a change due to a sprained ankle.

Sporting arrived with a little more strength in the last minutes and in the discount they prowled the Lugo area, but could not specify their actions.

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Lugo: Cantero; Campabadal, Venancio, Pita, Luis Ruiz (Canella, m.67); Gerard Valentín (El Hacen, m.46), Juanpe (Seoane, m.88), Xavi Torres, Hugo Rama; Carrillo (Manu Barreiro, m.75) and Cristian Herrera (Chris Ramos, m.75).

Sporting de Gijón: Christian Sánchez; Bogdan, Babin, Borja López, Saúl García; Cumic (Álvaro Vázquez, m.79), Javi Fuego, Cristian Salvador (Marc Valiente, m.86), Aitor; Carmona and Djurdjevic.

Referee: Arcediano Monescillo, from the Castilian-La Mancha Committee. He showed Cristian Salvador (m.73), from Sporting, yellow.

Incidents: Match of the twentieth day of LaLiga SmartBank played in the Anxo Carro behind closed doors.