Lugo and Castellón prolong their dynamics

Lugo and Castellón were canceled in the Anxo Carro and extended their series with a draw (0-0) that keeps both in the dangerous zone, although the locals, who had better chances, are in a more comfortable position.

For the people of Castellón it was the fourth game without losing (two draws at home and two victories at home), and for the people of Lugo, the third consecutive draw since Luis César Sampedro arrived on the bench and the twelfth game without losing at home, although all four the latter ended in a draw.

The verticality of Appiah, which was evident from the first minutes, the power of the Panamanian ‘Puma’ and the accompaniment of Moctar Sidi El Hacen were the strengths of Lugo, who lacked forcefulness in the rival area in the first period.

A focused header from El Hacen to Campabadal’s pass in the 24th minute, after a good action by Appiah on the wing, was the Lugo’s best chance in that stretch of the game.

Castellón was disturbed by the counterattack with a couple of shots from Jorge Fernández from the front that went wide and another from Rubén Díez, after a loss by Juanpe Jiménez, who stopped, with some problem, Lugo’s goalkeeper, Ander Cantero, before half an hour.

The Castellón team lost Carlos Delgado through injury, who was replaced by René Krhin and Lugo continued to apply the same recipe. He stole the ‘Puma’, opened the band for Appiah and the player on loan from Almería shot with his left foot at Whaley’s hands.

The same protagonists began the second period. The Panamanian assisted and pardoned Appiah at the far post, who finished bitten off the side of the net. Castellón responded with another chance from Jorge Fernández, who tried the thread and forced Cantero to deflect the ball as best he could. His rejection could not be taken advantage of by Jonathan Soriano.

Luis César proposed a triple change in the absence of twenty minutes to refresh the attack and both Gerard Valentín and Manu Barreiro had their options, but they found Whaley and in the discount they asked for a penalty on the striker that the referee did not indicate.

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CD Lugo: Cantero; Campabadal, Venancio, Alende, Canella (Luis Ruiz, m.71); Juanpe (Pita, m.85), Xavi Torres; Appiah (Gerard Valentín, m.71), El Hacen (Hugo Rama, m.80), ‘Puma’ Rodríguez; and Carrillo (Barreiro, m.71).

Castellón: Whaley; Lapeña, Indias, Gálvez, Carlos Delgado (René Krhin, m.32); Rubén Díez, Sené, Bodiger, Marc Mateu; Jonathan Soriano (César Díaz, m.60) and Jorge Fernández.

Referee: Ortiz Arias (Madrid Committee). Yellow showed Carlos Delgado (12), Gálvez (42), from Castellón; and Juanpe Jiménez (m.49), Luis Ruiz (m.79), Djaló (m.91) and Gerard Valentín (m.93), from Lugo.

Incidents: Match of the thirtieth day of LaLiga SmartBank played in the Anxo Carro behind closed doors.