Lucas Vázquez: ‘I don’t know what will happen to my future’

Lucas Vazquez granted an interview to ‘The Athletic’ in which, I enter many other topics related to the, Real Madrid, spoke of his future.

“I don’t know what will happen. In the end, you never know what will happen in the future. I am lucky to play in the Real Madrid, the club that I supported as a child. Whether I go or stay, whatever happens, I will always be a Madrid fan. Without a doubt, my agents are doing a great job to get the best for me, ”he said.

During the conversation, he talked a lot about Zinedine Zidane, of which he said that “the coach does not lie to you, he tells you what he wants, what he expects, what you can or cannot give. I could tell you many moments in which perhaps I did not play much, and he would always talk to me, lift my spirits, tell me: ‘Take it easy, Lucas, you will have your chance. Keep working, if you work hard, everything else will follow ”.

He added that “this season has also shown that he is much more than a ‘player whisperer’, that he knows how to handle egos and keep the superstars in play, as unprecedented circumstances have demanded more tactical intelligence and flexibility. This was especially seen when the simple but effective game plan of Madrid against Liverpool ”.

He also said that “the coach has a balance between giving you instructions and letting the player decide. He has a plan for the game, he wants the team to play a certain way, and individually he also gives you some instructions. But at the same time it tells you to play freely, to express yourself on the pitch, to be yourself, to play with confidence. In the end, that helps the player to get the best out of himself.

Regarding the season, he stated that “I think it was the best of my career, that is reflected in the numbers. At first I didn’t play much, then when I had the opportunity at the Camp Nou, I played many games in a row, starting regularly. That gave me the confidence to feel important, a starter, which is what a player needs to get the best of himself ”.

Asked by the Super leagueHe commented that “we all have our opinions, I don’t know if the Super League is a good idea or not, but I do think we have to look at a lot of things. I think we are approaching saturation point and often it is the players who suffer the most with more and more matches each year. So you see more and more injuries. We have to look at that. The demands are getting higher and the show suffers. So maybe it’s necessary to start cutting back on the number of games. “

And he ended by saying that “we want to win the two competitions ahead of us, it would be the perfect end to a difficult season. Zidane tells us that it may be the last time we are in this situation, so we must enjoy the moment, and make sure that each of us gives everything. I think we will fight to the end for everything ”.