Lucas Torreira postpones his future

Torreira said goodbye to Atlético de Madrid just a few days ago. He did it after proclaiming himself champion with the mattress team. The quote from Valladolid, in which he did not have minutes, it was the last of his short rojiblanca stage.

The player will return to Arsenal but his future remains unclear. The only thing that is clear is that he will not return to the rojiblanco box. The player has decided to put aside discussions about his future until he returns from the playoffs with Uruguay next month.

The 25-year-old spent last season on loan at the Atlético de Madrid and has revealed that he would like to join the club of which he has been a fan since he was a child, Boca Juniors.

However, it must be remembered that Torreira joined the Gunners from Sampdoria for about 30 million euros in the summer of 2018, from the Sampdoria.

You have two years left on your contract with him Arsenal, but seemed to fall out of favor since Mikel Arteta took over the team. Despite having played 89 games in his two seasons in the Emirates
Stadium, his desire is to abandon Europe because, after the death of his mother,

Torreira will likely feature prominently during Uruguay’s five qualifiers for the world Cup in June and will continue the talks about his future when he returns to England. “At the moment I don’t know anything,” he said. Torreira to the Uruguayan environment Ovation. “I still have a two-year contract with him. Arsenal and obviously when I finish with the national team I will have to go back to Arsenal and then we’ll see. We will analyze with my representative and see what is best for me, “he acknowledged.

“But I have to make it very clear that I was very happy in the Athletic. I became champion so I am very proud, “he added about his recent title.

Of course, he still wants to play in Mouth. “There was a lot of talk after everything that happened with my mother because I expressed my feeling and my desire to come to Mouth. But with the passage of time and after being a little calmer in the squad [del Atlético], I came to understand that everything is very difficult. But I will not stop thinking about that because my idea is still to play in Mouth And I know that I will. If not now, it will be later. But the most important thing is that my dream is not gone, it continues to feed me and that is a good thing. I continue to pursue the dream, although I know that at this moment it is very difficult for it to happen ”, he acknowledged.


The player is already thinking about the games with his country and reassured his compatriots by telling them that he is physically at his best. “Now I want to be calm, be with my dad, give him a hug, be with my brothers, with my people, and then start thinking about the national team,” he said, adding: “I’m very well, I trained throughout the year very well. The Teacher
Ortega He had us like crazy there training, beyond not having the shooting that one wants and the one that is needed to be in the national team, I feel very good and I can’t wait to be with my teammates in the complex ”.