Lucas Eguibar: ‘I would go out for drinks with Rafa Nadal’

Lucas Eguibar, recent snowboard cross world champion, reveals some of his secrets. The Donostiarra admits to being an admirer of Rafa Nadal, a friend of footballer Javi Martínez, a supporter of Real and affirms that his mother is the biggest critic in racing.

He likes football?

I like it, but I like all sports.

I suppose it will be from the Royal Society …

Of course, you have to sweep for home. It’s a pu … that the Cup final between Real and Athletic is without an audience, because on top of that we are going to beat them.

What is your favorite player?

I am not a very football fan. I dont know….

What about any other sport?

Rafael Nadal

With which athlete would you go to have a few beers?

With Rafa Nadal

Lucas Eguibar poses with the cover of Mundo Deportivo from when he was proclaimed snow world champion

And with what public figure?

With Dani Rovira or with Broncano.

What sporting event have you enjoyed the most?

The World Cup that Spain won. That summer I spent it in France snowboarding and in a town where there were many Spaniards it was a big mess.

Come on, he lived it to the fullest …

Yes, we live it to the fullest. Above, a few years later, one of my best friends is Javi Martínez who was on the team.

As a spectator, what sporting event would you like to see?

Live tennis. Rafa, I would love it. I have never seen it. I was ready once at the Caja Mágica but I live in San Sebastián and it was one of those tickets that invite you but the game is later … I would be freaked out. I follow Rafa a lot, I really like tennis.

Do you play tennis?

I play, but what I do cannot be said to be playing tennis.

Has someone on any track recognized you and wanted to pass you?

Yes, sure. In fact I did that to Valentino Rossi. It was in Madonna de Campiglio. We were training and suddenly it happened to us. He was going straight all the time, not a curve, and we said, “Let’s pass it,” and the three of us, Regino, Laro and I, passed him by the side and he was surprised. We were very amused.

Do you have any songs that you listen to before competing?

No. It’s time, I have the kind of songs that I like. I like the ones that make me sing. Anyway I get up and put on bachata, reggaeton or rap… I don’t know.

Lucas Eguibar, snowboard cross world champion
Lucas Eguibar, snowboard cross world champion

Is your biggest critic your brother?

No, my mother. I actually get really mad at her for that. I have a bad race and he writes’ why did you do that? That strategy I don’t know what… ‘. In a race I left behind and when I arrived, an audio of my mother. ‘What a strategy of m…. Who is there with you ‘and there was the one who prepared the tables for me, an Italian and my mother telling him’ what have you done go m… ‘We always laugh with that. She has me at bay.

Her biggest fan is her brother.

Yes, he lives it a lot. Is a crack.

If I ask sea or mountain.

Both. Obviously my life is in the mountains. I come back from the mountain, from the races, wanting to go to the beach, to go for a walk on the beach, disconnect and go back to the mountain. Even if it’s two days, I come back with charged batteries.

And does mountaineering appeal to you?

I would like to do some mountain, but neither… what motivates me the most is going down later. This year I have become very fond of the fact that mountain skiing can be done with a board that separates, then joins and lowers. I bought one in December and at Christmas I would go there every day. I spent Christmas in Austria to avoid contagion because we were competing on January 10 and then it was canceled.

The young man from San Sebastian is a Real supporter and believes he will win the Cup
The young man from San Sebastian is a Real supporter and believes he will win the Cup

How has COVID affected you at the preparedness level?

We have had certain aids, being an elite athlete they give you the document that you can go to train, you can travel, you can move. In addition to my sport, I have to go outside to train. It was different, harder. This year I had to go to Switzerland for a month and a half and I took my car to be able to escape a bit on the weekends. I was training continuously for a month, I took the car and went to Munich, to the house of Javi Martínez and Lucas Hernández. I came back with very charged batteries. Of course, the month and a half having breakfast, lunch and dinner alone in the room. And training there it was a bit of a mess. In the room you are alone and then on the slopes we were all together.

You know Karlos Arguiñano.

Yes, I know him quite a bit, I’m very funny to be with him, he’s a spectacular guy. Has he ever come to see me at competitions.

Have you learned to cook with Arguiñano?

Yes Yes. With his books.

What is the dish that cooks the best?

The other day they gave me a chop, I made it and …

And your favorite dish?

It depends on the moment. I like a good chop… I like to eat well because in the mountains we have trouble eating well. Most of it is pasta or fish that to get to the mountain is usually not good. On top of that, I come from Donosti where we have good fish, good meat, good in Spain in general. What I miss the most when I’m away is the food from home.

Lucas Eguibar's tattoos
Lucas Eguibar’s tattoos

He loves ‘tattoos’

How many tattoos does he have? “I don’t know, I’ve lost count already,” replies Lucas Eguibar. But in his body there is room for more: “I will do myself, I will do myself but I have enough pending. Since all this covid started I have not gone to get a tattoo, but the World Cup deserves it “. He has more than 30 tattoos, the names of his brothers or the faces of his grandparents, his favorites.

Lucas Eguibar has more than 30 tattoos on his body
Lucas Eguibar has more than 30 tattoos on his body

The first was done at the age of 17 in Los Angeles and they all have a special meaning. “They all hurt me. I’m going to tattoo myself with this anesthetic cream. I notice everything in my body a lot … I always think, what am I doing here again? But I end up repeating ”. The World Cup deserves it.

Lucas Eguibar sports tattoos on his legs, arms, back and chest
Lucas Eguibar sports tattoos on his legs, arms, back and chest