Lucas Boyé: ‘We didn’t deserve defeat’

Lucas Boyé, Argentine forward for Elche, believes that his team did not deserve the defeat suffered this Sunday by losing 2-1 to Granada at the Nuevo Los Cármenes Stadium, although he acknowledged that they did not merit to win either.

“I am sad for the result and for the opportunity we missed,” Lucas Boyé told Movistar, who considered it “a game with few chances for both sides.”

“We did not deserve the defeat, but we did not deserve the victory either. In the matches you have to have a bit of luck, and we have lacked today ”, explained the Argentine attacker.

Lucas Boyé affirmed that, with 1-1, they had “situations for 1-2”, but they took advantage of them and, in the end, they paid for it “dearly”.

“You have to show your face when the results are not given so that they begin to arrive and be able to leave the area in which we are,” said the Argentine.

Lucas Boyé, who scored the only goal for Elche in the game, asserted that “when the team does not win, the goals are of little use”, since “it is the group that matters.”