LQSA news: building change and plot turn

It is one of the longest-running and most acclaimed series on our television. Its characters have accompanied us for years, but now the producer has decided to make radical changes and present great news in this series.

Since the ‘La que se avecina’ team had to leave the Mirador de Montepinar for not having reached an agreement with the owner of the property, the future of the series in Telecinco, after its twelfth season, was in the air. Finally, a decision has been made.

Mediaset assured that “before August” it would make a decision about her and that’s how it was: according to the ‘Vertele’ portal, the series will continue but it will do so with some changes that are still to be closed.

In the absence of closing the agreement, it seems that the idea of ​​both the chain and the team is to renew with new episodes. ‘The one that is coming’ will continue for another new season but, yes, with a change of sets and sets.

Furthermore, it would not only change the continent, but also the content. The stories already open, the relationships between the characters and even the new plots still to come will also experience a necessary turn for any series with 12 seasons behind them.

The one that is coming down in June lowered the Montepinar viewpoint with the end of the filming of its season 12. A series of chapters that closed a cycle for the series, and that left then an uncertain future.

Thus, before the uncertainty of how the series could end, the team shot two finals in Montepinar, of which now that everything points to it will continue, they will mount the most appropriate.