Löw is leaving the German national team this summer!

The DFB announced on Tuesday that the current German coach, Joachim Löw (61 years old), will leave his position this summer, after the dispute of the European Championship and after 15 years in command of the Mannschaft. Löw took over as coach after the 2006 World Cup to relieve Jürgen Klinsmann, with whom he had worked as assistant coach since 2004.

It was the German coach himself who would have asked to leave the bench early, since he actually has a contract with Germany until the 2022 World Cup. The DFB listened to Löw and accepted his resignation.

“I take this step very consciously, full of pride and enormous gratitude, but at the same time still very motivated when it comes to the next European Championship. I have been able to work with the best footballers in the country for almost 17 years and support them in their development. I associate them with great triumphs and painful defeats, but above all with many wonderful and magical moments, not only with winning the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, “said Löw.