López Catalán denies that he was the sports director of Betis in the shade

The vice president of Real Betis, José Miguel López Catalán, has broken his silence of several months and has flatly denied that he has been the sports director of the shadow club since the departure of Lorenzo Serra Ferrer, who made him responsible for his departure from the entity, in June 2019.

“I absolutely have to say, and that as you will see all year I have been practically in the background at the media level and have hardly given interviews, which in no way have I been, nor am I want to be the sports director of Betis. That is a lie repeated a thousand times that there are some who want to turn it into a truth. My role at Betis is very clear, along with that of Ángel Haro and the council. We have been CEOs of Betis and our responsibility is to be on top of the professional structure that is what has to function both in the area of ​​general corporate financial management, business, and sports. ”

“In no way have I pretended to be a sports director and above all and I want to make it very clear to the Betis and it is something totally demonstrable, I have not participated in the election or decision-making process for any player, either starting or leaving. The process that we have at Betis is that it is the sports area that proposes players to sign, to leave, to renew, the youth squads … It is a lie, a fallacy that this has been said. And even much greater extremes have been reached in the personal attack on me because I have suffered attacks, ”he said in an interview with Abc.

He feels attacked by the press and the fans

The Betic vice president has felt attacked by the press and the fans, who have wanted to blame him for all the sports ills of Betis since Lorenzo Serra pointed him out as responsible for his march. “I have felt very marked and very attacked by a very important part of the media, of the fans of course, who receive these inputs, and have been unfairly pointed out. Since we are here we accept all the criticisms that are necessary and we are very self-critical, but we do not accept the lies, and the malicious ones, either. And all this year since the departure of Lorenzo (Serra Ferrer) it was wanted, let’s say, to point out that I was the person who had kicked Lorenzo out of the club to be the sports director. It is absolutely false. “

“Betis is not that he has been without a sports director for a year now, but that he has been without a professional sports director for three years, because Serra Ferrer is not a professional sports director. He was a great coach at Betis, the quarry manager at Barcelona, ​​but he has not been a professional manager at a club and the only time he has tried to be or has exercised it has been in Mallorca with the results that were achieved. So, I already explain it and I hope it is for the last time, we found it a good addition as vice president of sports. And once working with him we have proof that the functions of a professional sports director he does not know how to perform. And with him we simply opened a constructive dialogue that he did not take well and decided to attack me. ”

“They reached unsuspected limits, such as saying that my son, my own son, worked at Betis in the sports area, that he was in the technical secretariat working, that he is the one who decides on transfers or opines on transfers. It has also been said that he works for a company that works for Betis … It is flatly false, all a lie, a slander. It is so slanderous that we are exercising legal measures against all those who have said things of this type ”.

He admits that this season has been a failure, but not the previous ones.

López Catalán acknowledges that the Betis season (15th in LaLiga) has been a failure, assumes his responsibility and apologizes for it. “If we talk about reasons or causes why the year has been so bad, there is no one to blame. There is a failure of the coach, the footballers or the sports area. We are all guilty ”.

“We fully agree that this season has been a failure, we cannot call it otherwise. What’s more, we had already rated it that way before this end of the season which has been absolutely a disappointment. So, you have to evaluate why it was. I would also like to say that Ángel and I share the idea that this whole 3-4 year cycle that we have been here with the club government has not been a failure, as in some cases it is meant, like the project is a failure. and everything has failed. It’s not like that at all. ”