Lopetegui: ‘We can’t look back’

Lopetegui, coach of the Seville, think about him Elche, his rival this Wednesday, and wants everyone to forget the derby against Betis, in which the Nervionenses added the three points thanks to a solitary goal by En-Nesyri.

“That is now history, the derby has been over for a long time and now we are in the run-up to a very important match. Neither when things have gone better nor when they have not gone so well can we look back. We have to have all the energies in the match against Elche. There is a lot of habit of looking back, but there is no time to look back. We play again in less than 72 hours. We are excited again in another game and we focus on trying to add enough merits to play with an opponent who is very clear about how they want to compete. But not looking back, “said the Sevilla coach, who also did not want to give clues about the discomfort and physical condition of some of his players, such as Fernando or Ocampos. The former coach limited himself to remembering that “we have losses due to sanctions (Diego Carlos and Joan Jordán), others due to physical issues and then we will make the decisions that we understand better to get a competitive eleven”.

Lopetegui insisted that the match against Elche will pose complications for Sevilla, recalling the triumph of Escrivá’s men at Martínez Valero recently. “I expect a complex, difficult game, in which we are going to meet an opponent who is really going to make things difficult for us. In Alicante he already surpassed us and well surpassed and in the last game he was able to beat Real Madrid and until the last minute he was in the game and with 0-1 he had a chance to win. They have found a way, they are doing very well ”, he added in his appearance.

He does not look at the mattress of points that he takes out the fifth

The Gipuzkoan coach does not worry about the cushion of points compared to the fifth and only thinks about continuing to add. “The important thing is to arrive strong at the end of the season and that is what we want. There are complex moments in which the mentality of the team is tested and they will continue to exist. In such a strong season, so complicated for many reasons, the important thing is to have that mentality and get to those important moments well. The objectives are achieved in May and I am convinced that we will be very, very fair to achieve them. We have to be prepared to arrive like this and to achieve the objective, which is what we set ”.