Lopetegui: ‘We are very happy for that record and for finishing with victory

Julen Lopetegui, coach of Sevilla, left happy with the last game of the season, in which the Andalusian team, with 77 points, closed the best historical season of the club in terms of score, surpassing the 76 that Unai Emery’s Sevilla added in the League 14-15.

“We are very happy for that record, also, for ending the season with a victory, with a good taste in our mouths, for firing on the field some players who have helped us a lot and who are extraordinary. We have managed to combine all of them and have the three-point award and that these players have been able to say goodbye on the field, they deserved it, without any doubt. We are very satisfied and happy, “he said.

The former coach applauded two players who were given the opportunity to say goodbye, Tomas Vaclik and Franco Vázquez. “I have thanked those who are leaving, because they give us a lot. Behind the success is the behavior, the attitude, the quality that those who do not play much give. El Mudo is a weakness of mine, he is an extraordinary guy and a great footballer. He has had few opportunities, due to circumstances. But the team where he goes will be very lucky to be able to enjoy it. Tomas (Vaclík) has had a difficult year and he deserved a goodbye like that, with that stop (a heads up with Joselu at the end) and that clean sheet. We are very happy for them and for those who have also been able to say goodbye on the pitch ”.

Lopetegui was happy to complete the best season in Sevilla’s history. “This is the result of the good work and the season they have done. Okay about the points. But I am left with having entered the Champions League for the second time in a row “, he said, while hoping that some of his players are today on Luis Enrique’s list (Jesús Navas and Suso have options):” I will be happy and proud that Suso, Jesús, Joan (Jordán), whoever they are … can go with our team. Hopefully, it will shorten their holidays, but I know how excited it is for them ”.

Finally, he remembered the fans: “That they enjoy the team, that they give value to what they have achieved and that the team will continue working and fighting to continue consolidating what we have achieved. Let’s not lose that merit ”.