Lopetegui: ‘Valladolid is a very complete team’

The coach of the Seville, Julen
Lopetegui, already has in mind the game against him Valladolid, a rival he respects and who will put the Andalusian team to the test before the break.

“Valladolid is a complete team. He has good centrals, good wingers, Janko and Olaza. Inside, if El Yamiq were not there, they have Bruno or Javi Sánchez. Alcaraz and Roque Mesa are playing in the middle, but San Emeterio and Míchel are alternatives. Orellana and Óscar Plano with Toni Villa as an alternative on the outside, plus the tips, Guardiola, Weissman and also Kodro and Kike Pérez. In short, a very complete squad with good players and I think they are well managed ”, the Gipuzkoan coach, who seeks to achieve the third consecutive victory after those added against Betis and Elche, has shredded.

Lopetegui, who has not revealed the physical condition of Fernando and Ocampos, who were injured due to injury on Wednesday, refuses to make accounts about the points possibilities that his team can add at the end of the season. “The only account that counts in the world of football is being able to do things very well in the next game to achieve the goals. That is the only account that players and coaches have. We have to try to focus on that and little else. All the objectives of the classification, from above, from below, from Europe, I think they will be open until the last game and we have to be prepared until the last game “, explains the former coach, who recalled that Valladolid had options “Very clear” to get ahead against Real Madrid.

Trust the internationals to come back well

The one from Asteasu trusted that the internationals will come in well after the break and described this situation as complicated in such a busy schedule. “More wood. It is a right that the national teams have and there is little we can do. Just trust that they come in good health, “he said, referring to the risk of injury there are also possible infections by Covid.

On this subject, Lopetegui also had to explain, already more cold, his anger on Wednesday, when he accused the League of not wanting to change the game to Sunday. “I do not feel alone and I am not someone who has to report anything. You just sometimes give an opinion on what affects your team. From there, we all have to try to do it and this year we are all making an effort, the coaches, the players, the organizing bodies… to adapt to a complicated, complex, difficult, harsh social reality. We talk about people’s health and lives. And from there we have to adapt. And in that adaptation, a very high condensation of matches appears in much less time, and the players have two lungs and two legs, as always, and logically they can be seen.

affected, as they are looking. It is an adaptation that we all have to do, but we don’t complain about anything else ”.