Lopetegui: ‘The team is absolutely alive’

Julen Lopetegui, coach of the Seville, has expressed his feelings for the appointment before the Borussia Dortmund, in which his team has to overcome the 2-3 against that the German team achieved in the first leg in the Sánchez Pizjuán and also to banish the negative environment that has caused the three consecutive defeats that the Andalusians have accumulated in the last week, with particular incidence in the elimination in the Cup del Rey, a tournament in which he was left out of the final after caressing her in the semifinal against the Barcelona.

The coach, therefore, does not share that the team is in a bad moment. “For a play in the last minute all the analyzes that you can do change. But the team is absolutely alive, excited and eager to play a round of 16 of the Champions, something that is very complex and is the fruit of a whole season. We know we have a difficult result, but we come with all our strength and all our courage, ”explains the former coach.

Lopetegui He prefers to isolate himself from the comments of others. “We are not pending neither the praise nor the criticism, but the objectives. We played a round of the eighth of the Champions, after having had a very good Cup competition and competing very well in the League. From there we come with all our intentions and our strength. Everything happens to play a good football game and give a great level, ”recalls the Gipuzkoan, who prefers not to obsess over Haaland, the star of the German team. “We play against Dortmund, who are a great team, who have Haaland, who is a great striker. We are facing a great team, with a great coach and great players, among them, Haaland, which is world class ”.

The sevillista coach believes that his players must play an intense game to have options to come back, for which it will be key to be very offensive. “We are aware that we have to score and that they don’t have to score against us. That happens to play a good football game, think about the game, how to defend and how to attack, to make a very complete football game. Our thoughts and our options pass through there. We have to try to develop and execute a very good football match against a great rival, with a world-class footballer in many lines. That is where we are going to try to develop the game. The hunch will depend on the game we play ”.

LopeteguiFinally, he sent a message to the fans: “We come with all the desire and all the illusion to try with all our strength, knowing that we do not have a good result but we have a game ahead to generate that expectation. There is a lot of desire and a lot of hope ”.