Lopetegui: ‘The rivals ahead are great, but we will fight with ambition’

Lopetegui, coach of the Seville, I was very happy after the victory against him grenade but not for being closer to the greats and dreaming of the League, but by the mathematical classification for the Champions, something in which he repeats in his second season in Nervión.

“I am very satisfied. Qualifying for the Champions League as fourth for the second consecutive year and with five days to go is something historic, much more. The merit of the players is tremendous, it is enormous, it is not easy, it has never happened. And they have done it masterfully, winning five consecutive games. It is to be very proud of this group and of these players. We are the team that has rested the least and it is to congratulate these players, and we must highlight it because we have been working for a long time ”, commented the Gipuzkoan coach.

“We had a very good game”

The former coach gave his players a lot of credit for a hard-working win, although the result could have seemed much more comfortable. “Comfortable, no. We played a very good game. In the second half we lacked a bit of calm with 2-0, there was a bit of anxiety to see the goal closer. They have taken a step forward, they have risked a lot and we have lacked a bit of tranquility, clarity for that final pass, and have a little more the ball. But the second half has been very, very good, against a team that has eliminated Napoli, that has looked Manchester in the eye and that competes very well ”.

Lopetegui, despite everything, does not want to think about the League. There is no dream that is worth. For now “I always dream of winning every game and it will continue to be that way. Now we will dream of beating Athletic to continue getting excited about qualifying and this League final. There is nothing more ambitious than wanting to win every game. And this team always does. It has been a very complex year, we had an extraordinary and very good Champions Cup and in the League we continue to compete very well. And now we face the next game with the liberation, with the success of qualifying for the Champions League in the Spanish League ”.

I always dream of winning every game and it will continue to be like that

The coach, however, left some loophole to the illusion. “There are five days left, the teams in front are great, and we are going to fight with ambition, with a lot of motivation … And we will play Athletic and I will only talk about Athletic. We are happy, maybe even it shows a little to me ”.

Finally, he referred to the end of the game that he starred in From
Bengoetxea with his confusion: “It is a football anecdote, something has happened with the clock and it is anecdotal. The important thing is what these players have achieved. There has been a failure of a watch, he believed that it had passed four and it had passed three. It was the result of a confusion, an anecdote without more, we were all wrong and we should not give it more importance ”.