Lopetegui: ‘Football is match by match, we did not invent fire’

The coach of the Seville, Julen
Lopetegui, has praised his next rival, the grenade by Diego Martínez, and has insisted on his position of not thinking beyond the most immediate match in line with the options given to the Andalusian team to continue fighting alongside the greats for the league title.

The former coach does not want to know anything about that and not even the possibility of leaving the goal of fourth place mathematically closed makes him go out of his speech.

“We are not restrained or anything, we just do our job in the best possible way, and what we have to do is beat Granada, which is a good team. Everything that is extrinsic is part of football, but it is not worth us; we are interested in the intrinsic. Granada has very interesting players in many positions, a coach who knows them very well and is having a great season, it is no coincidence “, explained Asteasu’s natural coach, who recalls that Diego Martínez’s team” beat us in the first lap and he beat us well ”.

The technician does not do any kind of accounts and insists on not talking about the future. “We go game by game because it is reality. When we say this it seems that we are inventing fire, but it is reality. Granada has a chance to get into the Europa League again and is a very strong rival who has beaten Naples and who has looked Manchester United in the eye. Talking about futures or pasts is not worth it. In football there is only the present. Journalists think that we are thinking about the third game or what we have done, but that is not real. Only what we have in front of us ”.

Three players who have not finished training

Lopetegui is aware of the physical condition of Koundé and other players, while hinting that the substitute goalkeeper, Vaclik, will not be able to be there. “Not only is Jules in trouble; There are three players who have not been able to finish training, we have had intense matches and that is the bill we have to pay. We are going to wait until tomorrow to make the decisions, because every hour that passes is important. Vaclik has a finger problem and it may be missing. Based on how we see them tomorrow, we will make decisions, ”he insisted.