London examines whether the Super League violates competition laws

The UK Markets and Competition Authority (CMA, in English) “will examine carefully” if there are indications that the project of the European Super League of soccer violates competition laws in the UKa spokesman said Tuesday.

“The proposals for a European Soccer Super League have generated a high level of public interest. It is a complex area and we will examine carefully any concerns about competition regarding these proposals, “added the source.

If you consider that there are indications that the plan promoted by twelve wealthy clubs, including six English, may violate the rules on fair competition, the CMA open a formal investigation, although this is not guaranteed.

The regulator thus responds to a request from the opponent Labor Party Britain, whose Sports spokeswoman, Alison McGovern, has urged an investigation into what she considers “nothing less than an attempt to rig the competition for a few elite clubs. “

The initiative promoted by Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid, has raised a barrage of criticism in the UK and has motivated the intervention of the prime minister, Boris johnson, who reiterates today in “The Sun” that he will “do everything possible” to show “red card” to “ridiculous“proposed spin-off.

Johnson meets today with representatives of the Federation and other national soccer associations, while they also analyze their options the fourteen English clubs excluded of the Superliga project.

On the other hand, the British Government announced yesterday that it has launched a club ownership review in England to bring it closer to the German model, where 51% of the team must belong to the partners.

In this way, the current model that allows private and external companies to own 100% of the English clubs, as in the case of Liverpool and Manchester United, with American groups; Roman Abramovich’s Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea.