Loles León harshly attacks Victoria Abril after her controversial statements about the coronavirus

Victoria April copied all the information this past Thursday after some controversial statements about the coronavirus during the press conference after he was granted the Feroz Honor Award 2021 for its trajectory. The actress assured that “we are guinea pigs, vaccines are unproven experiments that get us quickly and since we are vaccinated there are more positive cases.”

In addition, he did not hesitate to explain that “for the moment we have more deaths with vaccine than without vaccine. One thing is what the television says and another to get into scientific forums, where impressive things are learned ”.

Actress Victoria Abril, Feroz Honor Award 2021

As expected, the words of the Madrilenian resonated strongly on social networks, where received a lot of criticism. Although the most viral, without a doubt, has been starred by one of her professional colleagues.

Loles León went to his profile to give his opinion on the words of Victoria Abril. “Not even the passing of the years takes away the stupidity that it has always had. How ignorant! Much love for all those who have lost relatives, I include myself, ”wrote the Catalan.