Lola Ortiz reveals her salary as an influencer: ‘I charge more than a doctor’

New professions are becoming more and more consolidated in our lives. The case is that the ‘influencers’, who appeared as an unknown, are now characters of enormous business success, based on the salaries that many of the most popular faces of social networks move.

This is the case of Lola Ortiz. Very popular for her time in ‘Mujeres y hombres y viceversa’ and ‘Survivientes 2015’, the ‘influencer’ has faced an uncensored interview made by extronista Noel Bayarri on his Mtmad channel in which he confesses many of the subjects that his followers like the most.

The Canary Islands has openly spoken about matters such as whether she plans to become a mother or how much money she charges monthly.

The young woman, 30, with more than 600,000 followers on Instagram, has recognized that her monthly income is quite large, exceeding the monthly salary of a doctor (stipulated between 3,000 and 5,000 euros).

This is Lola Ortiz

Thus, he assured that “I charge more. I have started earning more now. I am very happy ”, she admitted very naturally. The extronista has a wish and is none other than finding her own home: “I want to buy a house in Madrid,” she revealed to Noel.