Llorente: ‘Nobody wins LaLiga in December …’

The midfielder of

Atlético de Madrid Marcos Llorente
acknowledged that he leaves “with a strange feeling” from the derby against him Real Madrid, who drew 1-1 after the goal in the last minutes of the French Karim Benzema that equaled that of the Uruguayan Luis
Suarez in the first quarter of an hour of the game.

“You leave with that feeling (that you are missing two points) because they tie you at the end, because a play that is a rebound at the end is there and you leave with a strange feeling, but you have to take out the positive things, we have done a great match, a great job and if we continue in that line we will win more matches “, Llorente valued after the match, in statements to ‘Movistar +’.

Llorente admitted that maintaining the rhythm of pressure on the rival that they deployed during the first half was “complicated” because it requires “a great physique”. “It is true that in the second half we had a small drop, we sacrificed a lot our physique to push up, it is something that must be taken into account,” he added.

Suárez’s goal came from a run by Llorente through the center of the field before putting the pass to the Uruguayan’s uncheck. “Our plays are very vertical, they require a very fast effort and many meters, at least for me personally as the minutes go by, especially the finals, it costs you a little more, but they are football things”, explained.

With the tie, the difference of the Athletic at the head of the league classification decreases to three points over the Barcelona and stays at five on the Real Madrid, although both have one more game, which the rojiblanco team will recover on Wednesday when playing the postponed against him Athletic club.

“Not a few months ago did we think (that they were going to win the league) nor do we think about that pressure now. If we play like today, few games will escape us and we will end up meeting our objectives ”, Llorente considered.

The Madrilenian did not hesitate when asked if his goal is to win the championship: “Yes, we fight for everything. There is a lot left, before we had more points of difference, now less. Nobody wins the league in December and we are going to fight game by game and try to get the three points next time ”, he valued.

Regarding the play of the first half, in which the ball hit the Brazilian’s hand Philip inside the area, in a play that the referee Alexander
Hernandez considered that it was not a penalty after checking it on the monitor, Llorente He emphasized that it is the collegiate who must set the criteria to be followed.

“The truth is that they change so much that we dedicate ourselves to playing, they know what the rules are, they have to apply them, that play has caught me on my back, I was jumping, so I have not seen who has hit or how has it been. The referees are there to decide, they have decided that it was not, to respect and to continue playing ”, he concluded.