Liverpool risk their lives at Old Trafford

Things have become so complicated for Liverpool that they play at Old Trafford little less than life. He runs out of time without knowing if he will have a place in the Champions League, unforgivable in case he runs out: “I do not know if it is the best place to go after six goals were scored against Roma,” said Klopp in reference to a United that faces the England classic much calmer. His focus, now more than ever, is on winning the Europa League.

Fate has wanted a Liverpool win at Old Trafford to certify the Premier for a City that yesterday fulfilled its duties at Selhurst Park against Crystal Palace: “It is already almost a champion,” said the German coach. No one can refute that incontestable reality. And the Klopp team cares little. To tell the truth, he is not disturbed by anything other than entering the Champions League because the future at Anfield may have one pint or another if he is in the elite or not.

If possible, United wants to postpone their neighbor’s celebration for another week. Among other things because beating Liverpool is always special: “It is one of the great games of the season. And we want to ensure our presence in the Champions League next year, “said Solskjaer in a preview in which he added that he wants to settle this matter to give rest to some of his players, aware that this time the Europa League cannot escape him. .