Liverpool fans do not accept their owner’s apologies

The Liverpool fans, through the Spirit of Shankly group, expressed their rejection of the apologies of the English team for joining the European Super League and called for changes in the organizational system and ownership of the teams.

In a statement released on social media, Spirit of Shankly, Liverpool’s largest group of fans, called the team owner John Henry’s apology “crocodile tears.”

“It has been a tumultuous few days for everyone. We have always asked for sincerity, integrity and transparency from the owners of our club, FSG, but the arrogance they have shown is terrifying, but not surprising.”

“We’ve seen John Henry’s apologies, but this PR exercise comes too late. Those crocodile tears don’t help. Actions speak louder than words. Liverpool is not an American franchise, it is a community based on history and tradition, “added the association.

“Our owners have betrayed everyone. The fans, the coach, the players and the coaching staff. And they have humiliated themselves out of greed and arrogance. The hypocrisy of the Premier League and of televisions has also been there. We need a fundamental change in soccer, one that is fair to the entire pyramid of sport, not just the elite. We need a model that promises equality in the distribution of money. “

Liverpool is one of the six English teams that have already disengaged from a European Super League that began with twelve founding members and which now only has Real Madrid and Barcelona left.