Lithuanian Jasikonis emerges from induced coma: ‘It’s kind of a miracle’

Lithuanian Arminas Jasikonis woke up from a medically induced coma after his accident in the scoring event of the motocross world championship in Lombardy, admitted to the hospital in Cremona, Italy.

Jasikonis He was induced into a coma on Sunday, September 27, and yesterday he was awakened from it and was able to recognize and speak quickly with his family and the medical personnel around him, both in Lithuanian and English, in addition to being able to move his body without help , with hardly any pain, so you will be able to start your rehabilitation process shortly.

I have never been so happy to comment on one of my pilots Y to be able to say that Jasikonis is fine, that he will be fine, is a kind of miracle because the last days since his accident have been so, so exhausting. When he woke up, when we realized that he could speak, that he could move all of his arms and legs, that he had no pain and had no other injuries, it is almost impossible to put into words how incredible that feeling was. “, said the Husqvarna team sporting director, Antti Pyrhönen.