Limited access to the surroundings of El Molinón

Police authorities they will limit access to the surroundings of the El Molinón stadium starting at 5:00 p.m. next Saturday, within the security measures agreed for the match between Sporting and Real Oviedo, scheduled for 18:15 hours, despite the fact that it will be played behind closed doors.

On the morning of this Thursday a meeting was held with the participation of various groups of the National Police, as well as the Local Police, to agree the safety device which will be implemented on Saturday for the regional soccer derby, the Government Delegation reported.

Access to the surroundings of El Molinón will be reduced and they will suppress the terraces of all the catering establishments located in the ground floor of the stadium and the television broadcasts to the outside will be prohibited and, in turn, the interior capacity of these establishments will be reduced to 50 percent.

The police forces of the two cities will also carry out a special surveillance of hotel establishments and leisure areas, where fans of both teams usually meet in order to avoid crowds.

From the Higher Police Headquarters a message is sent to the fans of both teams so that they “enjoy the event, but from the fulfillment of the mandatory measures imposed due to the pandemic”, at the same time “the maximum respect between hobbies”.