Lille punctures against Saint-Étienne but continues as leader

The League 1 this season 2020/21 still has no owner. Lille, leader with only one day remaining to play, could not win this Sunday Saint-Étienne (0-0) and as the PSG yes he beat him Reims (4-0) the difference in points between the two went from 3 to 1. The Lille he continues ahead and therefore depends on himself, but the fight continues open.

Aware of how much was at stake, the group led by Christophe galtier jumped to the green predisposed to prevail before a Saint-Étienne that only the honor was at stake. But it should be noted that, although with the passing of the minutes the Lille He was the one who took the initiative in the game, in the initial stretch of the duel the tension became latent, showing the local team somewhat stiff.

The clearest chance of scoring in the entire first half came from Araujo (30 ‘), after a good individual action by Burak yilmaz, but failed to beat a Etienne green who knew how to disrupt the danger every time the Lille He approached his goal.

Time passed and the Lille He could not find the goal he needed to win, and although he never did, in the final stretch he was very close to it. Mainly in a double chance of scoring in the 90 ‘, when the leather ran into the wood after a free kick taken by Yacizi and cleared just enough for Green, and in the continuation of the play being Yilmaz the one who saw how his shot was blocked by Sow when he threatened to find the net.

In the end, ‘glasses result’ and Lille already thinking about next Sunday’s game when they visit the Angers. If he wins, he will be champion whatever he does PSG in front of Stade Brestois. If you tie, you need Pochettino don’t win your match. And if he loses, he will only be champion as long as he PSG also fall defeated. There’s a third party like him Monaco that he still has mathematical options to win the title, but implausible. The one who has it in his face is the Lille.