Lild’s fake yogurt becomes the most innovative food of the year

The consulting firm Kantar with the Promarca association have presented the innovation radar report, in which they show which have been the most innovative products in the mass consumer market, in this case from 2020.

On this occasion, the first position it is occupied by a dairy product from Lidl: the cheese of S

kyr extra protein from Milbona
, which is available on the shelves of the German supermarket chain.

Lidl’s so-called fake yogurt is the most innovative product of the year, according to the results of this report. Milbona’s Skyr Extra Protein is a yogurt that has more protein and fewer calories than a traditional one.

A LIDL establishment

In the same report, it has also highlighted other products such as Nestlé’s palm oil-free Chinese noodles, Idilia’s Café Mocca’s Cola Cao or Danone’s Oikos ethnic yogurt with almond, caramel and nougat.

The 2020 innovation radar report also states that in the last ten years the mass consumer sector has registered a 44% drop in innovation.