Lightning players help the cars stuck in the big snowfall!

Several hours later than originally planned, the Vallecano Ray He set off by road to Miranda de Ebro on Friday afternoon with the question of whether he will play the match against Mirandés due to the four positives detected and another nine associated with these infections.

The club has shared through social networks some impressive images in which it can be seen that the road on which the team’s bus circulates is completely snowed and that even some vehicles have gotten stuck preventing them from passing. Without hesitation, some footballers and staff members have decided to help them start with the aim of clearing the way.

“Hello @CDMirandes we are going there. It will not be for us but this is complicated. May all of you who have to be on the roads arrive healthy today, “they wrote along with the snapshots that have quickly gone viral.

From the party of Copa del Rey last Wednesday in front of Sporty Haro, he Vallecano Ray He has barely been able to prepare the league match against Mirandés due to the situation derived from the coronavirus and due to the weather in Madrid.

Unfortunately since the match with him Haro of Copa del Rey we have not been able to train. We have four positives and one is a bit extraordinary because it is someone who had antibodies. He traveled without the PCR done because he had antibodies but it has been positive. In addition, associated with these positives there are nine or ten close contacts of which some are footballers and others are not, “he said. Iraola this Friday at a press conference.