Light dribbling of Isak against Finland

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Isak He took advantage of the first friendly thinking about the Eurocopa of his selection to oxygenate himself a little. In this context, it must be understood that the coach of Sweden barely offered seven minutes on the pitch to the Real forward in the victory over Finland (2-0). Berg Y Quaison, who scored 1-0, were the starting forwards, and even Janne
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Larsson, before the blue and white tip. Isak replaced his own Quaison in minute 84 and the realistic attacker had time to star in a couple of striking actions. First, in the 87th minute, he signed one of his classic skirmishes on the edge of the area, driving and cutting off a defense, in which he finally lost the ball. In a play of strategy, a minute later, collided with the goalkeeper on his way out when he was looking for the shot in a ball hanging in the area. Sweden will play another friendly next Saturday, against Armenia, before the official debut in the Eurocup versus Spain of June 14th.