‘LIDLT 3’ Lola officially introduces her new boyfriend before heading to Honduras

Lola has been one of the great protagonists of ‘The island of temptations 3‘And, after finishing the program,’ Mediaset ‘wanted to count on her for the new edition of’Survivors‘. That is why a few hours after heading to Honduras, the young woman has turned to social networks to confirm an open secret: her relationship with Ivan Rubio.

“I really wanted to be able to shout it from the rooftops and the day has finally come. I officially introduce you to @ ivan27official, my partner for 6 months,” the lion started on her Instagram profile. “Many people will not understand it, and they will think that we are going very fast, that you cannot love anyone in such a short time, but that no one knows … only you and I, my love, we know what there is. We know how much we love each other, how in love we are ”.

Lola he insisted that “our story is precious.” “It all started with a Tiktok dance and going to meet you, and we look, how far we’ve come,” he added. “It has not been easy at all to be together, first because of the distance, one of the things that we have overcome. I know that it is not easy to be the partner of Marta de Lola. That what you have seen has been super hard to overcome, that what you have been able to endure in terms of comments, the same. But you have given the key, you have been there when I needed it most ”.

“You have been my shoulder to cry on, my unconditional support. Who opens my eyes, who encourages me and who applauds me when I do it well. Without a doubt, you have shown me that you really love me, that you can do anything. That you will fight through thick and thin for us. And that, love, that nobody had shown me ”, sentenced the young woman.

For its part, Ivan Rubio He also dedicated some heartfelt words to Lola through your own profile. “New challenges await you and here I will be supporting you as I have during this time because you deserve it, show the person you are and show how fighter you have been and are,” he transmitted.