Levante and Athletic sign a draw with the Cup final in mind

The return of the Cup semifinal weighed its weight in this league match between Levante and Athletic. This match was a kind of non-aggression pact pending the great battle on Thursday. 1-1, with penalty goals from both sides and everyone so happy.

The lions, despite playing as visitors, always led the initiative against a granota team with a defense of five and trusting a good part of their offensive options on the counterattack. A demolition of Nuñez on De Frutos allowed the locals to open the scoring just after the first hour of play with a maximum penalty transformed by Roger. The people from Bilbao, far from collapsing, continued to do their thing and tied at the end of the break from another doubtful penalty, due to the demolition of Vukcevic on Berenguer.

Coke, Vukcevic, De Frutos, Rober and Morales were the men replaced in Levante and Balenziaga, Muniain, Williams, Berenguer and Vencedor, in Athletic. One and the other coach, whatever they say, thought more as the minutes passed in the transcendental cup match. In the rojiblanco side, in fact, neither Yeray nor Yuri participated.

Paco López, with numerous and important casualties in his staff, he faced the visit of Athletic with a defense of five. Son and Clerc served as laterals with Coke, Duarte and Rober Pier as centrals and Vukcevic and Rochina, double pivot, ahead. De Frutos and Morales worked indoors with Roger as the only point. The doubt in the goal, by the way, was settled in favor of Aitor Fernández.

Marcelino was faithful to his traditional 1-4-4-2. The changes in the rojiblanco team, this time gray, were only at the individual level. Capa, Nuñez and Balenziaga thus exercised in the rear and Vencedor and Vesga replaced the sanctioned Unai López and Vesga. Above, the usual ones.

The Bilbao team, in the manner and manner of their previous departure to Cádiz, started well, but unlike then they did not succeed in completing their first arrivals. Aitor Fernández had something to do with it. First to a shot from Raúl García and then with a shot from Muniain, offside, which deflected to the post.

Bilbao’s dominance lasted until the precise moment that Levante adjusted positions. The lions began to have more problems from there both attacking and defending. The best shot was translated into a penalty goal by Roger after Nuñez’s demolition of De Frutos previous foolish loss of the ball from Vencedor Williams tried right away, but Aitor put in a good hand again.

The second half started with Levante retracted and Penalty, doubtful, in favor of Athletic for the demolition of Vukcevic on Berenguer, which was transformed into a goal by Raúl García. The people of Bilbao insisted on their offensive against a granota team faithful to their idea and with enough resources to contain without major stresses while waiting for the counterattack.

The changes in both sides were happening with the Cup semifinal, without a doubt, in the minds of both coaches. Coke and Maca went out for the premises. Lekue and Morcillo, later, by the visitors. Dani Gómez then had his option, as did De Marcos and Villalibre. The relay chapter concluded with Toño and Sergio León y Zarraga.

Paco López and Marcelino thus gave rest to their main players. Significant. The League is the League, but a final is a final.

(+) Look at the summary of Levante – Athletic

13 Aitor Fernandez 1 U. Simon
17 N. Vukcevic 57 ‘ twenty-one A. Layer
(12 M. Malsa) 3 Nuñez
4 Rober 4 Í. Martinez
6 OR. Duarte 24 M. Balenziaga 66 ‘
2. 3 Coke 57 ‘ (fifteen I. Lekue)
(twenty Miramon) 12 Alex Berenguer 76 ‘
18 J. De Frutos 84 ‘ (18 OR. From Marcos)
(3 Tone) 27 Unai Winner 84 ‘
two Are (19 Zárraga)
16 R. Rochina 6 M. Vesga
19 Carlos Clerc 10 I. Muniain 67 ‘
9 Roger 84 ‘ (two Black pudding)
(7 Sergio Leon) 22 Raul Garcia
eleven Morales 73 ‘ 9 I. Williams 76 ‘
(twenty-one D. Gomez) (twenty Villalibre)

Goals:(1-0) Roger (34 ‘), (1-1) Raúl García (56’)

Cards:L Coke (41 ‘), Son (47’), N. Vukcevic (56 ‘), Morcillo (94’)L

Referee: Díaz de Mera I.

Spectators: 0 in the Ciutat de Valencia

THE BEST The competitiveness of both teams seeking victory
WORST The arbitration controversy raised by penalties