“Let them all be arrested”

The enormous polarization that we are experiencing lately is not exclusive to Spain. Following the Flo Floyd case ’, the black citizen who died at the hands of the police after being arrestedAmerican society has been seen to be divided into two.

We have lived a clear example with the hook on twitter that two prominent tennis players have starred in the last hours: Naomi Osaka and John Isner.

It all started with a message from Isner in which he showed his outrage after seeing some images of the looting and destruction that some protesters have starred in.

Let them all be arrested“Former ATP Top Ten wrote visibly angry, shortly before continuing showing his fury at the fire at Saint John’s Church, a 205-year-old building that was damaged during the protests.

This is pathetic, that these loser anarchists are arrested“, lament.

Well, his words did not sit well with Naomi Osaka, who did not hesitate to give her opinion on the popular social network.

This is pathetic, that these loser anarchists are arrested

When you tweet about looting rather than the death of an unarmed black man …He wrote alongside several clown face emojis.

Despite not mentioning it directly, the responses to his message attacked Isner harshly, who was blamed for their lack of sensitivity to the tragic death of George Floyd.

I see that the people who disappeared from Twitter for a week when the events started to unfold, now that the looting begins, will quickly give us a good account of how they feelRegretted the Japanese, although resident in the United States for many years.

We remember that Naomi Osaka, along with other tennis players like Frances Tiafoe, Serena Williams, Gael Monfils, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga or Coco Gauff participated in an Instagram video in which they said “Enough”, as a reaction to the death of the 40-year-old African American George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25.

In two minutes and thirty seconds, the recording included the request of some thirty active players and others already retired as Malivai Washington and James Blake, in addition to coaches and managers, such as the former president of the USTA Zina garrison. They all raised their hands in solidarity with Floyd’s death.

“Enough is enough,” it was said in the video. “Our lives begin to end the day we remain silent about the things that matter,” Tiafoe wrote, quoting Martin Luther King.