‘Let Justice act and may Maradona rest in peace’

Matías Morla, lawyer of Diego Maradona, asked this Friday to allow “justice to act” and that the ex-footballer, whose death and his circumstances are under investigation, “rest in peace.”

“Three and a half months after the death of my friend, there are these scenarios: A lawyer like crazy leaking false information to the press and its consequences: serious journalists check the data and do not publish. Lazy journalists publish without checking,” he criticized. Morla through Twitter.

Without giving names, the lawyer -with whom Dalma Y Gianinna, daughters of Maradona, Y Claudia Villafañe, his ex-wife, are very critical – he added that “there are also those dominated by money, deranged and disunited, who never worked.”

“With personal and judicial battles, with our beloved Diego alive. The sisters, who are Don Diego and Doña Tota, are left out. Good people, Diego in its purest form, “said the lawyer, referring to the deceased parents of the ex-footballer, whom Maradona wanted a lot.

“The funny thing about this story is the television lawyer talking about my (legal) patrimony that is imputed by the Justice in a cause for illicit enrichment due to corruption. Let the Justice act and let it Diego Maradona rest in peace. Please “, he concluded without specifying who he is referring to.

Taking for granted in those accusations, Mario baudry, lawyer of Diego Fernando, youngest son of Maradona, 8 years old, and current partner of the child’s mother, Veronica Ojeda, later accused Morla to use the “disqualification” because the march that took place on Wednesday in Buenos Aires to demand Justice for the death of the idol “and everything that is happening in the cause bothers him.”

“And I understand it and it is also a form of defense. I am calm and I do not have any cause of corruption,” he said. Baudry in statements to Channel 13.

Demonstration to demand justice

Last Wednesday, the center of Buenos Aires hosted a demonstration in which, with the slogan “He did not die, they killed him”, fans of the star asked for Justice to be done, while a legal case tries to determine if there was any type of medical negligence in the care he received “the ten”.

Among those attending the protest, in which songs were sung against Morla, They were Dalma Y Gianinna Y Villafañe, wife Diego Maradona between 1989 and 2003, as well as his other ex-partner Veronica Ojeda and his son Diego Fernando Maradona, eight years old.

The defendants in the case are the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque, designated as his family doctor; the psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov, the psychologist Carlos Diaz, the doctor Nancy forlini, the nurse coordinator Mariano Perroni and the nurses Richard
Almiron Y Dahiana Gisela Madrid.

In addition, a board of experts was formed to analyze whether the investigated carried out “deficient medical attention”, made up of experts provided by both the Prosecutor’s Office and the defense and the plaintiffs in the case: Dalma Y Gianinna; on the other the sisters of the star; and also Jana, another of the daughters and Diego Fernando, who is still a minor, represented by Baudry.

Morla, in the eye of the hurricane

Dalma Y Gianinna maradona consider that, in addition to Luque, the main person responsible for the death of their father is Morla, and his mother, Claudia Villafañe, assured a few weeks ago that Morla had “kidnapped” her ex-husband.

In addition, it considered that the lawyer and the members of the medical team who cared for Maradona “they have” a “social condemnation” after the broadcast of some audios in which Maximiliano Pomargo, assistant of Maradona and brother-in-law of Morla, asks to prevent Maradona from being hospitalized or cared for by Gianinna.

“What Gianinna don’t take it away. You have to take care of that. If you go to the Gianinna, we lose it. Because everyone’s work depends on this. The work of many people depend on me. Don’t worry, if I manage to get out of it, there is money for everyone, “Pomargo tells Luque in audios released by the Infobae website.