Leonardo, ambiguous about Neymar and Mbappé

The PSG will return to stay one more season without winning the Champions League And, compared to last season, he has taken a step back: if he played in the final at least months ago, now he has stayed in the semifinal. The consequences of the umpteenth European failure of the champion of the League 1 They remain to be seen, but the apocalyptic runrún is already there, with two of its cracks highlighted: Neymar junior Y Kylian Mbappé, just when the Brazilian is again related to the FC Barcelona and in French, with the Real Madrid. Minutes after the European elimination in the sheikh’s derby against Manchester City was consummated, which makes the defeat even more painful in the eyes of the Qatari property of PSG, the sports director Leonardo de Araujo he was very ambiguous when asked if his stars would continue to be his stars next year. “Honestly, today is not the day to talk about the future of Neymar and Mbappé or to announce anything about them,” he said laconically.

Perhaps because he needed to send a palliative message to the Parisian fans, Leonardo only added that “I am optimistic about the future.” The reality is that both Neymar and Mbapé are in a similar situation contractually speaking, since both end their relationship with PSG in 2022. And although in the case of Neymar it was talked about many weeks ago that he already had everything very talked about to expand his contract, the current silence combined with the difficulties that PSG is going through even in a domestic league that could escape them for the first time in many years, have triggered speculation. With Mbappé the case is even more complex, as what has transpired is that the French international does not stop holding off as soon as they propose to sit down to extend his contract.

Barça and Real Madrid remain attentive to this ‘impasse’ that may open in a club that changed its technical direction mid-season, relieving Thomas tuchel for Mauricio Pochettino, and that even so he returns to see himself in the same place that he was before with Tuchel himself, Unai emery or Laurent blanc. In the same place, or worse, because at the moment the Lille is leader of Ligue 1 with a point of advantage over the failed European project of PSG. It is clear that such a team, which has spent more than 1,300 million euros since Nasser Al-Khelaifi assumed the presidency, it only makes sense to succeed internationally. But if he no longer even wins a French League that Lille would take away from him, the hit may be one of those that make history.