Leon Coeur: ‘We would love to collaborate with Messi and fill the Bombonera’

Leon Coeur is a band from Madrid that has developed its own style between London and Madrid. Born on the streets of London, but coming from Spain, France and New Zealand, the group brings its own sound to the folk scene with worked harmonies and lyrics that portray the daily reality of its members.

With his first record published in 2020 “Tapas” and various singles, ‘Leon Coeur’ accumulates more than 1.5 million reproductions, appearing with aplomb to the indie-folk scene of our country. Its sound leads us to references such as Postcard Boy, 1975 or Caloncho, but his personal stamp is unmistakable from the first listen.

‘The Angels’ it is the starting point of the band’s direction in the coming months. A new direction focused on the so-called “bedroom pop”, with lyrics in Spanish. The song captures a search for balance between open pop melodies and lyrics, which tells us about going away.

All of this creating a ‘dreamy’ atmosphere around the synthesizer that surrounds the whole song, accompanying the vocal harmonies that follow one another alternately. A reggaeton beat sustains the melody until breaking with a change in tempo at the end and resolving with the most characteristic lyrics of the entire song.

The most sporty ‘test’ to Leon Coeur

1- Are you sports fans?

From time to time we do watch a game of different sports together. Lately he’s hit us for the NBA.

2- Do you practice any?

In better times we practiced more often, now less than we would like, but we love it.

3- What team are you from?

FC Barcelona always.

4- What athlete would you like to do a collaboration with?

In absolutely any discipline with Lionel Messi. We have seen him since we were little as an artist in soccer.

5- What great sporting event would you like to put a hymn to? (Champions League final, Superbowl …)

We would all be excited about the truth.

6- What stadium would you like to fill?

The Camp Nou or La Bombonera, which always say that it moves with the public.

7- If you had to dedicate yourself to one sport, what would it be?

Will: archery

Hugo: by qualities none (haha) but football by affinity.

8- With which athlete do you feel most identified? (for their values, their way of being …)

Will: With Carles Puyol.

Hugo: With Thierry Henry, he is one of the most musical players I have ever seen

The video clip, signed by Pol Olivares from Acronym Society, was shot last summer in the city of Barcelona.