Lemar: ‘This season brought me a lot of good things, I recovered my level’

Thomas Lema
r, A footballertletico of Madrid, He lived a season in the rojiblanco team with many emotions. And ups and downs. He started out of the main plans and ended up being a key footballer for Simeone.

“This season brought me a lot of things. I made up my playing time, which I had lost in the last two years. I also recovered a volume of the game that I had lost, this way of playing the ball. The repositioning in the middle caused it. I am doing well and it has been seen throughout the season, I felt more and more comfortable, I took my marks, I expanded my palette of resources as well. It allowed me to grow more ”, said the footballer in words to AFP.

The footballer arrived injured but believes that he will soon be able to start preparing without problems for the Eurocup. “I have a good feeling, it bodes well for the future. I hope to resume collective training very soon. But I also try to take my time. I know these types of injuries that are different from the others. I have a medical entourage who take care of me and I trust them. I prefer to take it easy from time to time and then go full throttle, “he explained.

He also talked about the differences between Simeone Y Deschamps. “They are two coaches who love to win, who have a passion for football, who like to share their experiences with us. Both push us upwards, they encourage us not to give up, to make efforts for the team, so it is something I find in the club and in the national team. Sure you have individualities that will also make a difference, but a team is the key to everything “, said the player of the Athletic.


The player stated that in his opinion, the selection of France is one of the favorites for the Eurocup. “We have world-class players. With a team like this, we can do great things in the Euro. We have to be focused on every game because we have very tough opponents to play against. Doing the best on the pitch, I think we can do it, “he explained.