Leclerc will not know if he starts first in Monaco until this Sunday

Charles Leclerc the smile did not last long in Monaco. He went from the joy of achieving pole in his home circuit, to the uncertainty and nervousness of not knowing if he will maintain that position. Hitting the wall on his last attempt in Q3, when he already had the best time, prevented his rivals from overtaking him, but when he got out of the car, taking a quick look at the rear of the car, he also hit the car. guardrail, Charles the worst was feared. “For now I am concerned with the gearbox and I am waiting to see what state it is in. Looking at the rear of the car on the track, it didn’t look good. The weekend in general we have been competitive and I was very happy with my first lap of Q3. It was a shame for that crash and I hope to keep the position “said the Monegasque after taking pole in Monaco. And it is that if the team changes the gearbox for the race, it will go from having everything in front of it to win the home race for the first time, to starting from fifth position, without any option of succeeding in a circuit in which it is difficult to overtake.

It was expected that a few hours after the end of the ‘qualy’ a final decision regarding the Monegasque gearbox would be known. But finally, Ferrari assured that we will have to wait until this Sunday morning.

“The first analyzes carried out on the gearbox of Charles Leclerc’s car showed no serious damage”the team commented to the press, although Charles already said that this element did not look good.“Tomorrow (Sunday) in the morning more controls will be carried out and it will be when a final decision is made on the use of this unit in the race”continued the statement from the transalpine group.

Binotto says they will not take risks

What to do if the gearbox is touched?
Option 1 is to take a chance and prioritize pole, try to win the race and pray that the gearbox doesn’t fail in full GP. Option 2 is to change this element and go to secure Leclerc’s points from fifth position, aware that this way they would lose the victory, but also that Sainz would be in a podium position..

The decision, of course, will depend on the real state of the box. If it did not have damages that generate doubts, Ferrari would not rush so much in its decision nor would it postpone it for this Sunday. The gearbox is not a patient that improves, but is an element that will be the same tomorrow as it is today. And if, on the contrary, the damages were enormous, Ferrari would have already communicated the change of said part. Everything will therefore depend on the exhaustive analysis that they can do on the team.

For now, only the official position of the team leader, Mattia Binotto, is known, who before knowing the real state of the gearbox, assured that Ferrari would not take risks in the face of the race. “The important thing after qualifying like this is trying to maximize the number of points for the championship. We need to finish the race, so reliability is key. Reliability remains the priority. So if we have any doubts, we will certainly change and fix. ”

The points that are played

At this point, Mattia knows how important it is to achieve a victory after such a tough year 2020 for the Tifosi, which restores hope to their fans in the process of recovery. But in reality, what is truly important and pragmatic is the Builders World Cup. Binotto he knows. And it is that the points that can capture Ferrari on Monaco Yes Sainz is 3rd (15) and Leclerc 5th (25) are higher than the 15 that Ferrari would take if Carlos is 3rd and Charles give up. In that sense, the best scenario for the group would be the triumph of Leclerc and the fourth place for Carlos, but the risk that the box does not hold could cost the Italians 10 points.

Sainz could come third

“It is always a shame, to crash a car. I’m disappointed. I think the whole team was somewhat disappointed, not only because of the accident, certainly not because of pole position, but because we think Carlos Sainz could have done better in general. “, concluded Binotto, aware that Carlos was left without the option of making his last attempt at ‘qualy’ due to the red flag caused by the shock of his teammate Leclerc.

If Charles finally changes his gearbox, Carlos Sainz He would start third, with many options to add his first podium ferrarista. If he finally comes out fourth, he will have to try to go to Bottas in strategy.