Le Normand: a guarantee like the glass of a pine

The tragedy that a goal against always means was chewed up. Berenguer, Athletic’s best in the Anoeta derby, even dodged the camera shot in a great maneuver inside the area. In the noses of Remiro. It only remained to take the blow and react as soon as possible. No. A providential apparition worked the miracle, like a guardian angel. Like a shooting star Robin
Normand crossed in plan savior.

The moment was of crucial importance because the second half of the derby had started 10 minutes earlier. The game was then entering its decisive phase when You
Normand came into play with a stellar punt.

In the absence of a quarter of an hour, that is 20 minutes after the first heroic action, Williams he beat in a race towards the goal of Remiro. Bad news. The Athletic striker into space is unstoppable and the derby depended on a spark. The rojiblanco promised them very happy, until he found another exhalation. You
Normand He made coverage an art, threw himself on the grass to the limit of legality and deflected the ball to the band with his toe. The most seasoned defense in the fate of the court would have signed an anticipation of carats. And the Real continued alive in the derby.

The best txuri urdin against Athletic continues to establish itself. You

Normand has credited two Basque duels against Athletic excelsos. In the final in Seville and on Wednesday in Anoeta. In the line that has been drawing throughout the season.

A tremendous record

Le Normand He has played all but four of the league games, he is the central head for Imanol and robustly resists the plague that plagues the locker room: it is not injured and is always available to the coach.

The regularity that keeps him in the lineup each week makes Le Normand be the third Real footballer with the most participation in the championship. The goalkeeper, Remiro, plays more than anyone, and among the field players only Mikel
Merino beats the Breton defender. It is only 125 minutes from the 2,157 that the Navarrese adds.

The week, at the expense of the events of Mestalla, is magical for Le Normand. At 24 years old, he has been proclaimed Cup champion with an absolute full of minutes in the tournament: he has played them all in the eight games. Tremendous record for a Frenchman who, in the shadow of the cracks, makes himself respected in the rear.