“Lautaro will understand Messi very well, he is a phenomenon”

The paddle crack Fernando Belasteguin He is looking forward to getting back on the court and being able to compete again, but at the moment “nothing is known. We live in uncertain times. Soccer, which is the king of sports, will set the pace for other sports to return to competition. Complying with all health standards, logically. Next week we have a meeting with the paddle tennis circuit to see what the panorama is. We will see how and when we can compete again ”.

Meanwhile, the Argentinean who has been 16 consecutive years number 1 in the world, explains that “I keep fit by exercising my physique for a couple of hours in the morning and taking care of my diet” and we have even seen him improvising a court in the garage of his house with a luxury ‘technician’, his son.

Bela He is a great soccer fan and ensures that his compatriot Lautaro that sounds like a Barça reinforcement “would be a great signing for Barça. It will be understood very well with Messi, is a phenomenon. In addition, surely he is looking forward to playing with Leo and that would make his adaptation to the team very fast. It has a lot of quality ”.

Fernando Belasteguin is looking forward to returning to the paddle courts

The Argentine is a follower of San Lorenzo and this week he was excited when the president of the club, Marcelo Tinelli, invited him with his family “when he can go” to watch a game at the box. “I was excited because I imagined going to the field with my grandfather, who already passed away and was a great fan of San Lorenzo. But I will go with my father, who will also be very excited. ”

Fernando Belasteguin playing with his daughters at home, in his own 'spa'
Fernando Belasteguin playing with his daughters at home, in his own ‘spa’

Fernando He explains that “this confinement has allowed me to spend more time with my children and that, used to so many trips and spending a lot of time away from home, is appreciated.” He confesses that when all this is over “the first thing I will do is play paddle tennis and go out to dinner with friends, as we did before and it did not seem anything extraordinary to us.”

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