Lautaro, alternative for the 9 of Barcelona

Lautaro Martinez is back on the list of alternatives handled by the FC Barcelona to reinforce his lead, as he advanced RAC1. The Argentine international forward of the Inter de Milan It was a clear priority for the Barça club until the pandemic paralyzed almost everything. Now it would reappear as an option, with the dream of Erling haaland present, on the other hand a dream shared with all the greats of Europe.

The FC Barcelona technicians, with Ramon Planes at the head, they put Lautaro’s name at the top of the list for a long time to relieve Luis Suarez when the exit of the current scorer of the Athletic. Until the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2021, Lautaro was little less than the only candidate who was seen with guarantees to bear the weight of what it means to be the starting forward of Barça, due to his way of interpreting the game, his ambidextrous condition and his good header. There was even talk of amounts, at first appealing to the famous release clause of 111 million euros, and later including players in the operation to reach, even if it was combining ‘cash’ and spices, a figure that was going to be around 100 ‘kilos’ .

The devastating irruption of Covid-19 in the club economies completely chilled all market movements. There was then talk of the possible extension of Lautaro’s contract for Inter, but it has not occurred. The Argentine attacker ends in 2023 his link with the ‘nerazzzurro’ club, which according to what is said he needs to sell to clean up his accounts. This season, Lautaro has 16 goals and 9 assists in 37 games, for the 21 goals and 8 assists in 49 games of the 2019-20 season. At 23 years old, Barça has Lautaro as an alternative, although everything indicates that the great desired, today, is called Haaland.