Laura Pausini wins the Golden Globe for best song

Laura Pausini, Diane Warren and Niccolò Agliardi won the Golden Globe for best original song for “Io Sì”, theme of the Italian film “Life Ahead”.

“Io Sì” prevailed over “Fight for you” (“Judas and the Black Messiah”), “Hear My Voice” (“The Chicago 7 trial”), “Speak Now” (“One night in Miami. .. “) and” Tigress & Tweed “(” The United States against Billie Holliday “).

Pausini recorded versions of this song in five languages: English, (”Seen”), Spanish (”Yo Sí”), Portuguese (”Eu Sim”) and French (”Moi Si”), in addition to the Italian version, which is the one that was done tonight with the Golden Globe.

I saw the movie and called my team to say that this was the movie I wanted to sing in.“Pausini assured a few months ago in an interview with Efe, adding:” It is the summary of what I want my daughter to learn. A message for all humanity of solidarity and fraternity ”.

“Life Ahead” – directed by Edoardo Ponti and starring his mother, Sofía Loren – tells how a Holocaust survivor cares for abandoned children.

This film, which marks the return of Sophia Loren to the big screen at 86 years old, was also in the Golden Globes for the best foreign language film, a category in which “Minari. Story of my family ”(USA, but with dialogues in Korean and English).