Laura Matamoros and Benji Aparicio open a restaurant in Barcelona

After the great success that ‘Noname Bar‘ in Madrid, Laura Matamoros and Benji Aparicio they have decided to open another one in Barcelona. It was the ‘influencer’ herself who announced this exciting new professional challenge through social networks.

“Team always and everywhere. Barcelona, ​​we are open. The best delivery @ in Barcelona! Ask for it by @glovo_es “, wrote the Madrilenian next to a screenshot that she shared on her Instagram account.

“Go!! Always forward ”, was the comment that Benji Aparicio left in ‘El Post’, showing that the couple is not only going through a great professional moment but also a personal one.

Among the first reactions is that of the soccer player’s wife FC Barcelona Jordi Alba, which he transmitted to Laura Matamoros that “I’m looking forward to trying it.”

Recently, the young woman denied the rumors of a crisis with her partner when responding forcefully to a question from a follower. “Do not constantly upload things with Benji it doesn’t mean anything. You have to understand that everyone has their job and that they don’t like to appear in photos as much as I do, ”he explained.