Laura Escanes surprises her followers with a radical change in ‘look’: ‘I needed it’

The ‘influencer’ Laura Escanes He has confessed through social networks that he is not going through a good emotional moment. After spending a “rare” Christmas in which she has not wanted to celebrate the outstanding dates, the Catalan explained that the restrictions are affecting her state of mind.

This situation has caused the woman of Risto Mejide wants to make a change in his life and has opted for a new ‘look’ that he has decided to show to his ‘followers’ through a direct from ‘Twitch’.

“It took a long time because I did the straightening but that is not the change of look,” he transmitted Scans. “Before teaching it, I’m going to get intense because it’s important to me. I think it is important to be aware that we can all have moments of downturn. We are used to seeing perfect lives and a bit of reality is missing. The networks are very superficial ”.

The young woman then removed her shower cap and showed off her new hairstyle. “I’m very nervous,” she said. “Indeed, pinkish color. I have not cut anything but I needed to do something and I love it ”.